I'm Edwin, a 20+ years experienced developer who changed focus from writing perfect code into creating optimal value for the users.

Developer | cross-platform mobile developer | web developer | Maker | Apps SaaS | previous startup Tech lead, consultant, developer | consultant for people and companies to go from idea to solution.

As a maker, I love creating products that create value, like a micro-SaaS solution for .NET Developers: www.linqmeup.com - an AI powered LINQ to SQL (and vice versa) converter and LINQ code generator.

I've helped people from over the world, from Australia to the UK to the USA, to get insights on how to go from idea to implementation. As custom coded solutions can be expensive, I always like to take into mind today's possibilities like (but not extensively): existing services, no/low-code solutions, frameworks, custom code.

Let me know if you want to find out your next steps or if you'd love me to look at what you're up to: https://www.eekay.com

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Edwin Klesman

Edwin Klesman

Senior dev @Detacom | cross-platform | mobile & web dev | Product Development | SaaS | go from app ideas to implementation | Owner www.eekayonline.com