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  • if you find out what you love doing, do more of it. Up the ante, it will fuel your fire!
  • Thinks about your past actions in your professional life
  • writing about those things makes you contemplate them even more
  • select work, projects and goals that enforce each other & your endgoal

The full piece 🍰

When I think about coding, nowadays I get the same feeling as when I’m thinking about creating content for my side-project Shipharder. And it’s the same when I think about writing a blog post (wether it is on my mobiledev blog EEKAY ONLINE, or for this Medium account).

It just makes me tingle. And I don’t want to get mushi on you, but the fact that a clean, crispy white screen in front of me is the doorway to reach all those people online just makes me feel powerful.

It makes me feel creative and the fact that it empowers me to create is something that is really awesome.

Since I’ve acknowledged that it is the creation of usefull stuff is what I love, the experience has just been more enlightening.

I’ve been never been as active creating stuff, working and learning like the past year.

Startup Day Job 🏩⌚️📱👨🏻‍💻

Starting to work on building up the Healthcare startup Proteges made me come closer to my dream of creating and building stuff more than ever before.

I got the chance to start building up an awesome company with creative juices and noble purposes from the ground. A chance I’ve never regret to have grasped with both hands.

I love what an undertaking of such magnitude brings along, how it brings perspective to everything I’ve been thinking and learning about startups and entrepeneurship 👨🏻‍🏫💪🏻🔥

Creation juices started flowing 🎮📹🚀👨🏻‍💻📝

Besides my daytime job, I’ve been working on a mobile game that I’m creating to make people play together again with their smartphone.

I’ve learned a shitload while working on it with regards to image manipulation, image comparison and recognition, using Statemachines, and more in C#.

I’m working on a fun sideproject called that forces me to make myselve vulnerable and in the spot because it entails recording Video Posts of me sharing my learnings and thoughts on how shipping products faster and early product validation will help you to get your products off the ground.

There is no scarier thing than to get in front of the cam, but because the whole point of to stop procastinating and get your idea out in the open to let the market evaluate it and give you back valuable feedback, I can’t hide behind a laptop anymore.

It helps me by forcing to take my own medicine 💊. And I love it !

Add more, Align, Get Stronger 📚📥📈💪🏻

I used to think that working on even more stuff would only burn me up.

But during the past year I started to seethat working on stuff that you love — for me that is creating value in whatever way possible — doesn’t really feel like work at all.

When you are able to select and start working on projects that all give you energy and are aligned with your personal goals, they will fuel up the 🔥 fire within.

The stuff I mentioned above have two things that makes them work for me:

  1. the ability to provide value for others ( like valuable products and services for healthcare, fun, content to help others get the right mindset)
  2. they address different aspects that I need to get further in my life. It also happens that they help to strengthen each other

So, Where’s The Magic? 🧙🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️

No magic involved. Sorry.

Although I admit that I didn’t vett the projects entirely conscious.

Even when I didn’t get it while going through my carreer, It appears

For me it’s all about putting together a working combo of stuff that help me grow.

When I come to think about

I chose projects, goals and work that help me to grow personally, learn or strengthen skills that will aid me in my personal goal to create whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want.

And you know what? After typing in this very statement while writing this post, I realised that this very sentence is the most important driver for my entire professional carreer.

I just found my personal mantra 🤯🤩😎

“Spot on” Beats “Spectacular”

For the sake of completeness, meet my mantra 🙌🏻 (revamped version of my above statement):

I choose work, do projects, and set goals that provide value to others & help me to grow personally, learn or strengthen my skills that will aid me in my personal goal to create whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want.

It’s not spectacular, but this is the first sentence that I’ve typed down that is actually 100% spot on about my professional purpose.

When I get to think of it, it actually is in sync with my personal life largely as well. As it should be. ✌🏻

I feel like, in this digital world where creation can let everyone play along and reach their goals, the borders between personal and professional life are fading.

‘Nuff Talk

I’m opening a brewsky to celebrate the discovery of my professional mantra, and getting on creating some more.

Wishing you the same motivation, energy, and contemplation as I experienced. ✌🏻




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