Help with GIT in Atlassian Sourcetree

Fixing the Sourcetree conflict: You have not concluded your cherry-pick (CHERRY_PICK_HEAD exists)

Edwin Klesman
5 min readDec 13, 2022


This post explains how to fix the cherry-pick not concluded error that happens when you perform a GIT pull on your active branch, and Sourcetree shows you the following message:

fatal: You have not concluded your cherry-pick (CHERRY_PICK_HEAD exists).
Please, commit your changes before you merge.

Completed with errors, see above.


If you’ve reverted any changes have no subsequent commits you selected for cherry-picking, do the following:

  • goto your local repo directory
  • open a terminal/command-line window
  • Verify you have an open cherry-picking session using:
$git status
  • execute this command:
$git cherry-pick - abort
  • If you have some other commits in line waiting to be cherry-picked, use this command after you fixed any merging issues:
$git cherry-pick - continue
  • Verify your cherry picking has been resolved using the git status command once more and continue in Sourcetree


You’re about to pull some changes that your friendly colleague has made to the branch that you are about to work on. You cherry pick one thing here, but revert as you notice you actually want to merge another branch so you can combine it all for, let’s say, your next release.

With your coffee mug in your hand you click the ok button and wait for your status dialog to indicate success, except… it doesn’t.

Retry, but this time unfolding the details part so you can see what’s going on…

Another fail; showing you the dreaded error message:

fatal: You have not concluded your…



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