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How Do Mobile Apps Load Their Content?

What is Content?

Interface elements like the styling, labels and texts are all considered content in an App.

Content Is Dynamic

An example of pull-to-refresh to let the user decide when to load new content.

Most Often Used Ways To Load Content

Adding Contents In The App Package Upon Distribution

Apps that you download from the app stores contain a lot of content that’s packed into them.

Adding Dynamic Contents From External Sources

An example of an API being used. Source: Janis Graubens post

Additional Methods To Load Content

Content Received Via Push Notifications

Push Notification animation by Donovan Halpin for Affirm

Data Received From The Operating System

Example of OS information that can be integrated into mobile apps.

Content From Communication Protocols

Data received from a Bluetooth device can be used as content also
Near Field Communication tags and devices can provide content to apps as well.
Apps can retrieve content even when they’re in the background. Image from here.

To Conclude

Apps can load their content from various places and display them where they need to.

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