How to fix when your iCloud shared calendar’s invite isn’t working

Is Your Apple iCloud Shared Calendar not Sending An Invite?

Edwin Klesman
5 min readSep 4, 2020


In this post, I’ll show you how I got a broken iCloud Shared Calendar shared after I tried everything that Apple support has to say about it. The fix isn’t logical, and that it worked blew my mind 🤯.
But it DID work, so I’m sharing it for others out there that might be so unlucky to experience the same thing.

A good check was to see if your iCloud’s email address (the one that created the shared calendar) is also present on your Contact card.

A Shared Calendar Is Golden 🥇

I’ve been using a shared iCloud calendar with my wife for a couple of years now. Since we are both working and have a lovely but busy life with 3 kids and all sorts of activities, it just wasn’t logical to maintain that paper calendar on the wall at home any more.

I decided to finally do something with that iCloud account that I had, like, forever, and created a calendar that I shared using my wife’s private Outlook email address — as it was a personal calendar, using private email as the sharing instance was logical.

We’ve been using it since and never looked back. Recurring activities, dates with friends, sport activities, it’s all in there, and it worked like a charm.

Until it didn’t any more.

It’s annoying if you can’t share your iCloud shared agenda anymore. Even Kirk knew that

A Shared Calendar That Can’t be Shared Is Crap 💩

When my wife changed jobs and got a new iPad and iPhone things migrated nicely. Placing back an iCloud backup is golden and things went smooth.



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