Being fed up with cold sales pitch outreach via social networks like LinkedIn

Stop The Inhumane Social Spam

The times to spam people’s inbox with a copy-paste sales text are over. Building a network by showing interest, providing value and helping are king.

The times to spam people’s inbox with a copy-paste sales text are over. Building a network by showing interest, providing value and helping are king.

Read on if you’re fed up with those annoying “look at me and what we can do” sales messages right after you connect with someone.

You Received A Message

Another day, another message in my LinkedIn inbox. Someone with a similar background reaching out to share interests and maybe fortify your network.
Sounds nice, and it’s a personal(ized) writeup. I connect.

1 hour passes.

A new message on LinkedIn is alerted on my phone…

*BOOM* there is it is, the business presentation copy-paste message:

Hello Edwin, it is nice to e-meet you as well Is your company in need of experienced developers to match any of your requirements?

I represent ********, a full-cycle development company. I see great potential in our cooperation. There is a software development team to help you to deal with your tasks: — Web development (B2B and B2C segments); — Provide separate developers or whole development team — a kind of outsourcing/outstaffing;

Stop it. Just. Stop. It. ⛔️

Its 2021. We are living the pandemic age. Our dependance on digital services and online networking just progressed by one decade in a year’s time.

The time for blasting out your cold emails and messages, and hooking up just to get your spammy message in one’s inbox are over. Over.

Sure, shooting a gazillion emails out will get you those couple of people that were just looking for your services, and found your terms about right enough to go at it.

But nowadays, it’s about providing value. You best put in effort to actually connect and find out about people’s worries. Help them or help them finding help.
At least, if you want more than a single hit, a quick job or that simple money.

We don’t need service pitches anymore. There are sites to find people that can do stuff for us now. Or social networks.

Companies Need To Change

I — as a developer myself — have been hit up with parties from all over the world pitching me their developer services more times than I can count.

Hey he’s got a company in IT. Maybe he wants IT services? Boom!

No no no no. 🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏼🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏿‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️.

Don’t go out and scream into everyone’s ear that you’re selling water.
Prep 100 (eco friendly, labeled) bottles and go out on a warm day to provide thirsty people with one: provide value first.

Sure. It’s not the people messaging that are fault themselves. Its the companies that they work for.

They set crazy targets and want every employee to take a look at their social media and networks to shoot up X people a day as a kind of digital flare.

Although the large numbers that this outreach is being done might grab you some gigs, it is just like throwing out a ridiculous large net into the water, hoping to catch something.
Just like that large net will grab a lot of unwanted sea marine life and objects that will perish and are destroyed without necessity, you will annoy hundreds of people in the proces of spamming the thousand people a week.

It’s 2021. And the times for spamming people’s inbox with a copy-paste sales pitch are over. — EEKAY ONLINE

Wheeling in the quick time, one off money really isn’t as endurable as creating a flourishing network of people that understand your true value and authenticity. A network that provides value and can proactively help you to get recurring revenue built on trust and people referring your services.

People don’t have the time (or want) anymore, to receive selfish connects whose sole purpose is to shoot you up with that copy-paste sales pitch.

I, for one, am fed up with it.

My Response

This is what I responded, before removing mr. CTO of company XYZ out of my network on LinkedIn. I used no bad words. Nor did I feel the need to be harsh.

But I typed this raw and unedited. Time to cut the BS in online convo land:

Hello and good day, you did it.

As of today, I’m labelling any communications similar to yours as spam. I will unfollow, block and remove you.

Asking to hook up because of common grounds, and then — without providing any true interest, value or similar human interaction, and out of the blue, you shoot in that cold email about how your company can provide services.

I hate to be the messeenger, but it isn’t 2012 anymore. It is time for people to understand that digital noise is increasing, digital product- and service dependency is growing because of technical advancements, and the amount of people that we can — and do- get in contact with is increasing like crazy.

The way to distinguish yourselves from others, is — similar to IRL business relationship creation — to reach out, show interest and provide value BEFORE selling your own stuff to others.

Not with the direct intention of selling. No. To actually create meaning between two parties with the intent to INCREASE the possibility to actually do business together, depending on trust, one and each other’s needs and the way in how both parties can mutually provide value and understanding.

I know there are little time and business that needs to be done, but shooting flairs in the digital sky to keep everybody wide awake and hope they will notice you and take a look just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Not for me anyway.

I wish you all the best, health and prosperity. But for me, this is the end of the road with you.


The next time someone messages me with their cold outreach, I’ll send them a link to this article to read, just before I remove them from my network.

Hopefully they are in a position to change something in their company.
A change to move that primary focus on quick one-off cash towards value creation and building a trustworthy network of people willing to listen.

Because it’s 2021, and the times for spamming people’s inbox with a copy-paste sales pitch are over.

Build. Value. First. 🔥

Team lead @Detacom | cross-platform | mobiledev | apps | Azure | Xamarin | Saas | ♥family+movies+food | created | Owner

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