Why you don’t want to mix learning and shipping product

To Learn Or To Ship, That’s The Question

Edwin Klesman
4 min readMar 25, 2021


Learning a framework or tool while trying to ship your product doesn’t blend well. In this article, I’ll tell you why that is.

Learning a framework or tool and shipping your product are two things that don’t really mix up most of the time. In this article, I explain why you should separate the two for your project

Shipping Product 🚀

I have a strong belief that when your goal is to ship your MVP a la The Lean Startup, you need to use tools and techniques that you are familiar and comfortable with. That way, you can focus on creating the MVP and generating value.
The focus needs to be on the product level, meaning that everything you’re doing is about thinking:

  • how will this add to the value creation for the end-users?
  • is this feature necessary, or can I do this in the next version?
  • does the feature feel natural, and is it easy to use for the users?
  • etc.

How you actually implement your project using (no-/low-)code, and if it is the neatest way to code it are not as important when you want to provide value without investing too much time and effort which results in a longer time-to-market.
Not when you’re bootstrapping your product/service, and want to ship your product within a short timespan.

Learning The Tools 🎓

If you’re working on a side project to learn a framework, stack, tool, whatever, it’s best when you’re not committing yourself to a stressful deadline. You can focus on learning the tools and choose simple tasks or projects to create so they can be realized within days or weeks.

Trying out variations and different approaches on how to create things with a framework really lets you get your hands in the code and often shows aspects and use-cases that are helpful later on.

Mixing Learning & Shipping



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